Will Hurd: A Dedicated Public Servant and His Inspiring Journey

In the realm of politics, few individuals can match the charisma, intelligence, and dedication exhibited by Will Hurd. As a former member of the United States House of Representatives, Hurd has left an indelible mark on American politics. Now, Will Hurd has announced his presidential nomination for 2024 elections. Let’s explore the fascinating world of Will Hurd, his family, net worth, his book, and the unwavering support of his loving wife.

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Quick Introduction:

Name:William Ballard Hurd
Date of Birth:August 19, 1977
Hometown:San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Parents:Mother: Mary Alice Hurd
Father: Robert Hurd
Siblings:Brother: Chuck
Sister: Elizabet
Spouse: Lynlie Wallace
Book:American Reboot
Will Hurd’s Net Worth 2023:$6 Million
Will Hurd’s Net Worth 2022:$5.5 Million
Will Hurd’s Net Worth 2021:$5 Million

Will Hurd’s Career and Political Accomplishments:

Will Hurd’s political career is a testament to his passion for public service. Serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 23rd congressional district from 2015 to 2021, Hurd became widely respected for his pragmatic approach to governance and his commitment to bipartisanship. Throughout his tenure, he focused on various issues, such as national security, technology, and economic development, making a lasting impact on his constituents and the nation.

Background and Education

William Ballard Hurd was born on 19th August, 1977 in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from John Marshall High School in San Antonio and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University. 

Career in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Before entering politics, Hurd had a distinguished career in the CIA, where he served for nearly a decade. During his time in the CIA, he worked in various roles, including as an operations officer in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. His experience in national security and intelligence influenced his political trajectory.

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Congressional Service

Hurd successfully won the election for the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2014, becoming the representative for Texas’s 23rd congressional district. He was re-elected three times and served a total of three terms in Congress, from January 2015 to January 2021. Will Hurd was known as a moderate Republican with a focus on bipartisanship and pragmatic problem-solving.

National Security and Intelligence

Given his background, Hurd became a prominent voice on national security and intelligence matters during his time in Congress. He served on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he played an active role in overseeing and shaping intelligence policy and programs. He was widely respected for his expertise in cybersecurity and was a vocal advocate for strengthening America’s cyber defenses.

Bipartisanship and Collaboration:

Will Hurd gained a reputation for his willingness to work across party lines to find common ground on important issues. He was one of the co-founders of the Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus, which aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration between African American and Jewish members of Congress. Will Hurd was also a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group focused on finding pragmatic solutions to legislative challenges.

Technology and Innovation

Another area of focus for Will Hurd was technology and innovation. He acknowledged the significance of nurturing technological progress and advocating for policies that bolster the expansion of the technology sector. As a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he led efforts to modernize and streamline government technology systems.

Retirement and Post-Congress

In August 2019, Will Hurd announced that he would not seek re-election in 2020, deciding to retire from politics at the end of his term. Since leaving Congress, Hurd has continued to be involved in public service and policy discussions. He has worked as a strategic advisor, served on the boards of various organizations, and frequently appears as a political commentator in media outlets.

Will Hurd’s Net Worth

As an accomplished politician and former private sector professional, it’s natural to wonder about Will Hurd’s net worth. While specific details about his financial holdings are not publicly available, it is important to note that Will Hurd’s net worth is expected to reflect his successful career in politics and his prior experience in the cybersecurity industry. Hurd’s financial success serves as a testament to his dedication and hard work in both public and private sectors.

Will Hurd’s Book: American Reboot

Apart from his political endeavors, Will Hurd has shared his wisdom and insights in a book titled “American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done”. This is a book by former Texas congressman and CIA officer, Will Hurd, urging the GOP to reboot and adapt to a changing America. Hurd, a mixed-race moderate, criticizes Trump, warns of the dangers posed by the Jan. 6 mob, and emphasizes the need for addressing climate change and treating all people humanely. He advocates for a Republican Party that embraces diversity and aligns with the realities of a browner, younger, and greener nation, while maintaining a belief in free markets. However, the book’s plea for a kinder GOP is seen as challenging given the party’s current fervor.

Will Hurd's book American Reboot
Will Hurd’s book American Reboot

By drawing on his extensive experience and expertise, Hurd provides readers with valuable perspectives and actionable solutions. Whether you’re interested in politics, technology, or national security, Hurd’s book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of these complex issues.

Will Hurd’s Family: The Pillars of His Success

Behind every successful individual, there is a strong support system, and Will Hurd is no exception. Hurd’s family has played an integral role in his journey, providing unwavering encouragement and support. Hurd’s parents are Mary Alice Hurd and Robert Hurd. He has a brother named Chuck and a sister named Elizabeth. His father is of African descent, while his mother is of Caucasian descent. It is evident that their love and backing have been instrumental in Hurd’s achievements.

Will Hurd’s Wife:

Will Hurd is happily married to Lynlie Wallace Hurd, who shares a deep connection with her Texan heritage. They celebrated their wedding on December 31, 2022, following their engagement announcement on Instagram earlier that month. Lynlie, a proud 5th generation Texan, embraces her love for the outdoors, aspires to explore the world, and has an undeniable passion for queso.

Will Hurd & Lynlie Wallace
Will Hurd & Lynlie Wallace

Some Lesser Known facts about Will Hurd:

  • Musical Talent: Will Hurd is a skilled musician. He plays the drums and has performed with the band The Heavy Metal Cowboys, showcasing his musical abilities.
  • Endurance Athlete: Hurd has completed multiple marathons, demonstrating his dedication to physical fitness and endurance. He has taken part in races like the Marine Corps Marathon and the New York City Marathon.
  • Science Enthusiast: Hurd has a passion for science and technology. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and has actively supported initiatives related to STEM education during his time in Congress.
  • Tech Entrepreneur: Before his political career, Hurd co-founded a cybersecurity company called FusionX. This experience in the tech industry provided him with insights into cybersecurity challenges and informed his work on related policy matters.
  • Traveler and Cultural Explorer: Hurd has traveled extensively and has visited over 50 countries, gaining a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. His travels have allowed him to engage with different cultures and understand global issues more deeply.

Will Hurd’s impact on American politics and society is undeniable. From his distinguished career in Congress to his insightful book, Hurd has consistently demonstrated his commitment to public service, pragmatic leadership, and the pursuit of innovative solutions. Alongside his family, Hurd continues to inspire and empower others to engage in meaningful political discourse and work towards a brighter future. With his wife by his side, Hurd’s personal and professional achievements exemplify the essence of true dedication and the pursuit of excellence.


what is will hurd’s nationality?

Will Hurd is an American.

Who is Will Hurd’s Wife?

Will Hurd’s wife name is Lynlie Wallace Hurd. They got married on December 31, 2022.

Who are Will Hurd’s parents?

Will Hurd’s Mother is Mary Alice Hurd and Robert Hurd is his father.

What is the name of Will Hurd’s book?

Will Hurd’s book is “American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done”.

What is Will Hurd’s net worth?

As per record Will Hurd’s net worth as per 2023 is $6 Million.

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