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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Richest man in the world

Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos is E-business pioneer and Richest man in the world.  According to “Forbes”  his total wealth is more than $130 Billion. He is an American and organizer of He has made...

Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani, a Pakistani business tycoon

Sadruddin Hashwani is a Pakistani business tycoon and billionaire. He is the founder and chairman of Hashoo Group, a conglomerate best known for Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts. He is the fifth-wealthiest Pakistani with an estimated...

Mian Mansha

Mian Mansha, Story Of Richest Man In Pakistan

Mian Mansha, A Versatile Businessman Mian Mansha is a leading businessman and richest man in Pakistan  who has business ventures set up in a variety of different industries, for example textile, cement, power generation, banking,...